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The Seoul 365 Fashion Show is hiring exclusive models.

The city of Seoul is providing jobs by hiring professional models and providing training and education for future opportunities.The following privileges will be provided for the Seoul 365 Fashion Show models.

3 month professional
training and education

Besides walking the runway,
we will provide 3 months of intense,
structured professional training
in all aspects of being a model.

Promoting of Individuals

We will be promoting individuals
through headshots, fashion show pictures,
online portal, open casting, city of Seoul
homepage, SNS and Korea and
China television broadcasting.

Individual Consulting

Individual consulting to help place
models in the best suited activity,
provide job opportunities, promote
education, and training and support.


After the free 3 month model
education you will receive a certificate of completion, be registered with the Asia Model Association, be issued a Seoul 365 Fashion
Show career certificate, and have
the possibility of being registered
with agencies overseas.

Privilege for
Outstanding Participants

Qualification to participate in the Asia
Model Association competition in Korea
and overseas. Appear in the Asia Model
Association’s publication the ‘GAN GEE’
that is published in Korea and China.
Provide opportunities in the
20 countries that the Asia Model
Association represents.

Questions : Asia Model Association 02-413-1560asiamodel.org